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Solutions Designed for the Challenges.

Safway's scaffold offers safe and economical access solutions designed for the challenges of work inside boilers. Maintenance and repair of even the most hard-to-reach locations are simplified through user-friendly scaffold.

Why is QuikDeck perfect for my next boiler project?

  • The QuikDeck Suspended Access System provides contractors with platforms that are easier to install, safer for workers, and more economical than traditional methods.


    • Access bull nose, division panels and/or radiant tubes
    • Lower slope replacement (V-Bottom)
    • New construction
  • The system is specially designed to be built in difficult-to-access areas like boilers and offers huge benefits:

    • Open, stable modular platforms provide ideal access for blasting and painting
    • Flat work surfaces: less cluttered work environment
    • Safe: no leading edge fall hazard
    • Higher capacities than traditional scaffolding (25-75 lbs./sq. ft.)
    • Less time-consuming than a full boiler scaffold
    • Hassle-free assembly
  • platform-boilers

Why is Systems Scaffold perfect for my next boiler project or turnaround?

  • Unique 360 ring set design
  • Accepts up to eight horizontal members
  • Horizontal and diagonal members can be individually removed and placed after erection
  • Compatible with electric hoists and modular staging systems that fit through most boiler openings

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