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Introducing SafAscent Wind Turbine Platform

SafAscent™ Wind Turbine Platform

SafAscent Wind Turbine Platform

Designed for external wind tower access, the SafAscent Wind Turbine Platform makes access to wind towers and blades a breeze.

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As with all Safway products, the entire SafAscentTM Wind Turbine Platform, including the hoist and stirrup, exceeds OSHA, OH&S and ANSI standards, and meets all UL & CSA requirements. Hoists are equipped with a voltage indicator light and a built-in emergency descent feature for self-rescue of crews in the event of a power loss.

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To help familiarize you with the SafAscent Wind Turbine Platform and our other hoists, Safway offers many OSHA- and ANSI-compliant suspended training courses. Additional height access training is also available.

SafAscent™ – for Maintenance and Inspection (Brochure; ORN 3201)
SafAscent™ Technical Data Guide (ORN 3203)
skysafe® Assembly and Operating Manual (ORV 392)
Saturn® LE501SW Operating and Maintenance Manual (ORV 373)

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