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Suspended Scaffold: Swing Stages

SafAscent™ Swing Stages: Access and Flexibility

Safway offers SafAscent Suspended Power Swing Stages in a wide variety of lengths for multiple configurations and with a full line of rigging components.

Rigid Modular Platforms have fewer parts, making installation efficient and easy.

Knock Down Modular Platforms break down to fit through 30-inch openings.

Thrusafe® Boiler Modular Platforms break down to fit through openings as small as 18 inches (diameter).

Rigid Corner Sections come in 15°, 30°, 45°, 60° and 90° angles for greater versatility.

The Skybeam® Aluminum Outrigger Beam offers up to an 8-foot outreach without a truss system.

The Down and Under Outrigger System with a 1000-pound capacity enables rigging on roofs with cornices or other obstructions.

Electric and air-powered traction hoists can handle capacities up to 1500 pounds.

One-point suspended work cages can be assembled using the 1-or-2-meter modular platform sections and the modular work cage stirrup.

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To help familiarize you with our SafAscent™ Swing Stages, Safway offers many OSHA- and ANSI-compliant suspended training courses. Additional height access training is also available.

Suspended Product Brochure (ORN 301)
Suspended Safety Guidelines (ORN 302)
Suspended Safety Guidelines (Spanish; ORN 302S)
Fall-Stop Brochure (ORN 354)
skysafe® Assembly and Operating Manual (ORV 392)
Saturn® LE501SW Operating and Maintenance Manual (ORV 373)

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