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  • Platinum award for the 2010 Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP) - Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. (ABC, September 2010)
  • Letter of Excellence: 100,000 safe work hours - Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Thomas Hill Energy Center) (September 2010)
  • Certificate of Excellence: Zero recordable injuries after more than 200,000 hours worked - Fluor Corporation (WRB CORE Project at ConocoPhillips, July 2010)


Safety & Compliance: Scaffold Ties and Guys

Scaffold Ties and Guys

Why do scaffolds needs to be tied or guyed?

OSHA 1926.451 (c) (1)

To prevent the scaffold from overturning, scaffolds must be tied using tension and compression ties or guyed to provide a wider base per OSHA standards.

Do not remove ties and guys until the scaffold is dismantled to the tie level.

Dismantle Warning

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