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Improve Accuracy and Reliability with SafScan High-Denition Laser Surveying

SafScan delivers highly accurate three-dimensional (3D) images of any industrial or commercial site

Instead of having to rely on out-of-date drawings or estimated measurements to engineer and plan projects, Safway's SafScan technology delivers a precise, up-to-date image of any job site using state-of-the-art laser scanning equipment. By improving accuracy and providing reliable data and documentation, Safway is able to engineer projects utilizing a solid foundation of information. This information can be used to engineer Safway products such as QuikDeck®, QuikShield® or Systems Scaffolds into projects, or provided to clients for their own use. Either way, SafScan provides a head-start that can save valuable time and money on the "front end" and/or offers a unique "thumb print" during and long after the project is completed.

SafScan's custom services include simple "point-cloud" images to complex 3D drawings and modeling, which can enhance site/plant documentation and project planning to reduce and eliminate costly "bill of material" over-runs and clearance issues. No industry is beyond the scope of SafScan, from bridges, commercial properties and historical renovations, to boilers, and oil, gas and petrochemical refineries. The opportunities created by utilizing SafScan for project improvement and workflow to save time and money are enormous.

Safway is extremely excited to offer SafScan as another of its industry-first services. SafScan is another addition to the long list of products and services that makes Safway the true leader within the scaffolding industry. Contact us today to learn more about how Safway and SafScan can help you increase productivity on your next project.

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